You will be fined with 10,000 INR if you do not link your PAN with Aadhar card

From the last one year, government has become even more stricter about linking your PAN card with Aadhar card. They are taking all the strict measures and asking people to get it done. However, now, if you still isn’t in a mood to do that, you will be trapped in some big issues.

If you still don’t link your Aadhar card with your PAN card by the end of this month, March 31st, then your PAN card will become inoperative which you might be aware of. But also, you will be charged with INR 10,000 if you try to use your inoperative PAN.

The income tax department has cleared that the PAN cardholders are going to face a big issue under the income tax and will be charged if they don’t link their Aadhar card with Pan before the deadline given. Also, if you don’t think that it is needed, your PAN will become inoperative from the very 1st April, 2020.

If you are looking to use your PAN card further, then it is not just important but essential to link it otherwise not just the fine but your card will just become a piece of paper. If you have a non operative PAN card, then it is equal to not having a PAN card.