You may face difficulty in getting an insurance if you have any symptom of COVID-19

Since the coronavirus outbreak is increasing in world, it is a high time to get a health insurance for claiming the same. However, now it seems to be a tough thing to do since the policies says that if you have any symptoms of COVID-19, you will face issues in buying a life insurance.

To take an example, if you see the HDFC life insurance questionnaire, you will find questions like “Have you or your family member been advised to undergo diagnostic tests related to Covid-19 or already have been tested positive for Covid-19 or awaiting test results of submitted samples…”. “Were you ever advised to self-isolate due to personal, medical-related or for any other reason including orders issued by government health authorities or airport authorities in the interest of public health”, “Have you or your family member received any medical care, referred to a hospital or clinic for pneumonia, flu-like symptoms, fever, sore throat, runny nose, cough and breathing difficulties or have you undergone any surgical procedure during your travel abroad or in India in the last 6 months.”

And if you tick these options, you will be informed that you can not take this plan. This was found by Mahavir Chopra, the founder of on Twitter.

He said, A regular term policy is not priced to cover such high-risk individuals and insurers would definitely want to know more about the intent behind buying term life insurance in such times. The chief operating officer of a life insurance company, who didn’t want to be named, said cold and cough are now potential symptoms of covid-19 rather than being just a common infection. “The reason why insurers are asking for such disclosures is that there is a chance you could end up with covid-19. As an insurer, if I know that you are unwell, I will not want to issue the policy at that point in time.

Hence, if you are going to get a life insurance policy, you are going to face a tough time ahead. So make sure to buy one before you get any symptoms of COVID-19.