Women must have some financial security now- Women’s day special

Women are the backbones of house. They do everything. But still, more than 70% women are not self independent when it comes to their financial terms. They do not earn. And for the women who are widow, the situation gets even worse. They don’t get option to rely on if they do not have enough property. So here are some basic things which every women should keep in a mind.

1- Do not rush the decision- If your choices are not clear, do not rush at all. If you don’t know where to spend your money after the death of your spouse, you need to wait and focus on finding a solution for you. Focus on financial triage activities. It includes making sure the bills are paid, filling for death benefits to that you will be able to maintain the cash liquidity. If your husband had a life insurance, then you must know how to claim it so that you can have the benefit of the insurance policy he took.

2- Educate enough about banking- Since you are the one who has to handle everything now, you need to know how to do banking. Things like, how to sign a cheque, different types of cheques, how to withdraw money, how to deposit money, internet banking, mobile banking, how to use ATM, how to keep the security of it, these are the basics and women should know it.

3- Source of Income- If there is still a source of Income after the death of your husband, let say from your family business or property, then you are the legally one who can own it. You need to check them out and consult with a lawyer on how to keep it for your life.