Why ATMs doesn’t have enough 100 Rs notes?

After demonetization, the whole game has been changed. People are now not sure when these notes will go outdated. Even in the ATM, the lines are long and the rules are strict. However, one more issue has been found these days. People going to the Atm doesn’t have enough 100 rs notes. Why? So here are few reasons which can clear this query now-

1- It is convenient- If you are confused with it and not getting why it is convenient, then let us explain. For most of the people, getting a 100 rs note is much convenient than getting a 2000 or 500 note however, it is still not getting circulated enough. And the reason is because right now, there are two different sizes 100 rs note circulating in the country.

2- The dry run reason- Circulating different size of notes is not just a problem for the people but also for the banks as they need a list of ATM configured to these different notes. If they get the list, they will be able to map the van routes based on the availability of the notes and the ATM requirement.

Also, the reason of faster dry runs means that if the bank doesn’t have enough amount of notes to give, ATM will not get it enough and will suffer.

3- The old way- Lastly, one of the reason is to going the old way, according to the RBI-“We get only a small percentage of new Rs 100 notes fresh from RBI’s treasury chests. Most of the hundred-rupee notes are from retail collection. This makes it difficult to forecast the supply versus demand of Rs 100 notes. And this could be a reason for sure.