To have a stable retirement, Women must plan their finance

Since in India, still most of the women are a housewife and those who works also leave the work after some certain age. However, this isn’t right and good for their retirement.

To tell you more about the same, Madhumati, who is based out of Bangaluru got retired in last year but has no financial crisis since she planned it accordingly.

She has been a doctor in a reputed hospital and even now, she is getting offers from some of the most popular private colleges for job. However, she is stable and gets her pension from her job she has served for.

Since she understand that women need some security if her better half dies before her, it is important to have some retirement plan. This is important and essential for everyone. Saving plays an important role here. On this, Deepesh Raghav, SEBI Registered investment adviser said- The generation that is close to retirement or has already retired had few investment options when they had started working. “For that generation, accumulating real estate was what systematic investment plan is for millennials,”

As Madhumati and her husband decided to invest in real estate, they are now able to lead a happy and secured life. They have made their homethrough that. Now, her children are also doing a startup and is well settled. It is indeed a safe plan to lead a happy life in future.

For making it easy for your retirement, you can even start with as low as 5% in the year with equities and increase it over next year. Also, stay away from the assets which are illiquid like real estate and invest in building assets.

On this, Deepesh added- If someone wants to leave the property as a legacy for the next generation, then it’s fine to retain it. Otherwise, it can become problematic when a senior cannot run around and maintain the property investments. It’s, therefore, advisable to move from real estate to liquid assets that are easily manageable,”.