There will be no debit card ATM withdrawal charges, minimum bank balance rule till June 30

The finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman has announced the removal of charges on ATM card and debit card transactions from 3 months from now. Also, it has been stated by her that all the banks are not going to impose any minimum balance fee for around three months. The charges applied on digital trade and transactions will also going to get reduced.

By now, India has 519+ cases in which 10 have died and 40 people have recovered so far. The PM of India has announced a complete lockdown.

He has told the people to be in their homes for 21 days and there should be no causalities made.

Nirmala Sitharaman has also announced the relaxation on compliance in service tax, income tax, goods, customer and central excise, insolvency and bankruptcy code matters, MCA provisions and etc.

The financial minister said- “SEBI has come up with certain guidelines to ensure stability in the stock market. We are consciously monitoring the stock market thrice in a day. A lot of inputs have come, the task force is also looking into them. It has been announced sooner rather than later.” The PM is actively involved in the framing of the package,