Seniors and disabled can also avail the banking services during lockdown at doorstep

During the lockdown, the banks have reduced their services and now working with only the essential services. However, if you are a senior citizen or is differently abled one, you still can avail the services at your doorstep amid lockdown.

As per the guidelines given by the Reserve Bank of India, banks must offer the picking of cash and instruments and dropping of the demand draft to those. The notice also states that the banks should be making the efforts in order to ensure that the seniors are people who are not perfectly abled can get the services. But it does not cover the cash delivery on doorstep.

As per the guideline- “Cash delivery services may be offered to the corporate clients, public sector units, departments of Central and state governments against receipt of cheque only at the branch and not against the telephonic request. No such facility, however, shall be made available to individual customers,”

Whenever the bank picks up the cash, they have to give a receipt which is official. The cash they have collected must be credited the same day or by the end of the next working day at max. And banks are free to charge a fee for the same. These can opt for the doorstep banking at their residence or at their office which is mentioned in the bank account.

As per the India’s largest vendor, The State bank of India, any customer can call at the toll free number between 9 AM to 4PM on working days or can contact via the YONO app. If the any customer resides within the 5 kilometres of the bank branch, he/she can avail the extra features. The minimum amount the bank can pick up is INR 1,000 and the max can be INR 20,000.