SBI with their efficient plan for withdrawing money from Jan Dhan account

The country’s largest lender the state bank of India has finally decided to allow the withdrawals of money from the Jan Dhan account but in a staggered manner so that people can stay safe and maintain social distancing which is required due to Coronavirus Pandemic.

amount of INR 500 per month, under the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan package will be deposited into the accounts of women who have their Jan Dhan Yojana account for the next three months.

However, due to this, banks are scared about people rushing for the withdrawal of money and make a crowd in bank which is totally against the precaution measures we have to take to fight from COVID-19.

According to the plan, customers with the account number that ends from 0 and 1 can withdraw their money on 3rd April and customers with account number ending with 2 and 3 can do it on 4th April. Similarly, people with account number ending with 4 and 5 on 7th April and 6 and 7 on 7th April and so on.

But after April 9th, any customer can withdraw their money at any day according to their need.

SBI has requested their beneficiaries to use the ATM and Bank which is the nearest to make the cash withdrawal up to INR 2,000 and do not make a crowd in the branches. Right now, there is no charges on withdrawing the amount from any bank’s ATM.