SBI sharing tips to save yourself from covid-19

Since the novel coronavirus outbreak is going on in the world, it is must to take enough care of your family and you especially when you go out. From quarantine to social distancing, everything is being told by the government. And in this, the country’s largest bank State bank of India is here to share some tips for all the customers in order to keep themselves safe from the same.

The bank shared a tweet stating-“Keep your transactions safe and yourself safer. Practice these safety tips and stop Coronavirus from spreading”. Let us read the list-

1- You must stay sanitized as much as you could.

2- You need to avoid using the ATM room if someone is already in it. Always use it when nobody is there. Even if there are a lot of machines available, try to stay one at a time in the ATM.

3- Do not touch anything like the gate or machine in the ATM room when it is not necessary.

4- You must cover your mouth with a handkerchief or with a tissue when you are coughing or sneezing.

5- If you have cold or cough, do not use ATM.

6- Use SBI’s digital platform such as SBI, INB, YONO, BHIM or etc for transferring money.

The SBI said- “The fund used to fight COVID-19 pandemic will be spent from CSR funds. This is in line with Ministry of Corporate Affairs’ notification of spending CSR funds for COVID-19 as an eligible CSR activity.”