Save yourself from the COVID-19 Frauds

Due to the virus, people are not working and many schemes have been launched to save their lives. It is very normal these days to work at home and since many people are suffering, government is trying their best to help them.

However, it is not enough to keep yourself save. There are many frauds are going on these days from which you need to be aware. The rise in cyber crime is increased and now people are facing difficulties due to that.

According to the cyber law- “There is no India-specific data yet. But in most of the developed countries, there is a sudden jump in covid-19 cybercrimes,”.

According to the reports, many frauds have come up with a fake PMCARES fund UPI ID where they are asking for funds and people are even sending them thinking that it is for PMCARES fund only. Government has cleared that you only have to send it to the UPI ID and details given by the government.

Also, due to the EMI moratorium, many customers are facing the fake calls where they are being asked for the details like OTP and such. Banks have warned their customers regarding the same as well.

Apart from these, there are many such more cases going through which are not safe and hence, you need to be safe while being at home. Do not fall for these traps.