ICICI Bank Crossed 1 million users on WhatsApp

ICICI Bank has today crossed 1 million users on WhatsApp. ICICI Bank launched this service of WhatsApp banking 3 months ago to help the users during COVID pandemic. “Over a million of users have adopted the service in a short span of three months. We have mostly seen that millennials across the country are using WhatsApp for their banking needs. With the encouraging response, we aim to double the number of users in next three months to 2 million,”Bijith Bhaskar, Head- Digital Channels & Partnership, ICICI Bank said.

To use the banking services on WhatsApp-

1) The customer would need to save ICICI Bank’s verified WhatsApp profile number, 9324953001, in ‘contacts’. Then send  <Hi> to this number from his/her mobile number which is registered with the bank. On sending message, bank will send list of commands.

2) From those commands one can use the services of bank.

Here is the list of banking and other services available on WhatsApp:

To Check account balance: Type any keyword like <balance>, <bal>, <ac bal> among others

To View last three transactions: Type <transaction>, <stmt>, <history> among others

To get outstanding balance and view available credit limit of credit card: Type <limit>, <cc limit>, <cc balance> among others.

To Block/Unblock credit and debit card instantly: Type <block>, <lost my card>, <unblock> among others

To View details of available pre-approved instant loans: Type <loan>, <home loan>, <personal loan>, <instant loans> among others

To View nearest ICICI Bank ATM and branch: Type <ATM> , <branch> among others

For checking available nearby offers on travel, dining, shopping: Type <offer>, <discounts> among others