Employees who wants to donate can do it through their employers

As we all know, if you donate on PM relief funds, you will get some exemption on your tax and if you are an employee, then you can claim the full deduction on the donations you have made via your employer to the fund for getting the exemption.

A statement released on 31st March has stated that the tax relief will be granted to the people who are funding the PM cares for the pandemic outbreak.

According to the taxation and other law ordinance, if someone has made a donation to the PM CARES fund, then he/she will be eligible for the full deduction while computing the taxable income of the donor under the section 8-G of the act.

If you are an employee, then you can use the benefit by making the donation to the PM cares fund through your employer. If you do that, the full deduction will be claimed by referring to the form 16 that is issued by the employers.

Indeed, in this big outbreak and critical situation that our country is facing, if someone is able to make some donation, then he/she should do that in order to collect enough funds in the PM cares fund and use it for the hospital and other essentials.