Domestic flights resumed in India- here are things to note

After the two months, finally the domestic flights are resuming their work from today. It is done because people are not at their homes and stuck in different cities. For all of them, the flights are resumed by today only. However, there are many conditions which you need to know if you are going to book one for you. What are they? Let us know here.

1. Cancellation or refund

The refund policy and the cancellation of the flight policies will only be dependent on the situation and the policies of the airline you have booked tickets from. But if you are cancelling your flight, then you need to be prepared for losing around 50% of the cost. Mostly the tickets people booked for the dates 25 and 26 are also non refundable. So please check on the policies before you travel.

2. State guidelines

If you are taking a flight, then you need to also go through the terms and conditions of the state you are landing in. All the states have their own guidelines due to the pandemic. Many states have stated that if someone is coming from a highly infected state such as Odisha, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh or Rajasthan, they must follow the rule of home quarantine of 14 days. Other than that, you must carry a report of yours if any.

3. Reach 2 hours before at the airport

Lastly, for reaching the airport even if it is a domestic flight, getting at an airport before 2 hours is mandatory now and if you are not following it, you can miss the flight too. Hence, make sure to reach before 2 hours of your arrival.