COVID-19 Phishing threats. How can you keep yourself safe

The time is not in favour clearly. We all are suffering and things are getting worse. Due to this pandemic outbreak, people’s businesses are suffering and we are not able to earn and manage the work.

But there is one more issue going on with Coronavirus. And that is Coronavirus phishing threats. So today, we are going to discuss about how to keep yourself safe from the COVID-19 phishing threats.

1. Do not click on any links.

You must be getting some messages where you are being asked to click on a certain link and then they will guide you on the same. But do not do that. One more tip is, do not trust the messages which comes with salutation.

2. Do not open the attachment.

If you are getting a random email with some fishy attachments, then the only way to keep yourself safe is to not open it. Simply delete it right away because such attachments contain viruses.

3. Keep yourself away from unknown emails.

There will be many emails in your email box where you will find unknown emails. Those emails will look like sent from someone known but they are going to harm you and will steal your information. So do not do that.

4. Don’t pay anywhere randomly

If you are looking to pay for Pmfund, then you must not do that without going through the upi id. You must go through the details and once you are sure with it, you should go for paying. Otherwise, you must not pay because there will be many fake ID available which is not safe.

So these were the tips through which you can keep yourself safe from the COVID-19 phishing threats and keep yourself safe.