Coronavirus phishing threats you need to know

We all know that it is a tough situation for all of us. We are locked at our homes and everything in the world has stopped. But there is still one thing which has not stopped yet.

Yes, it is the phishing threats. And since it is a COVID-19 era, people are even doing coronavirus phishing threats these days. You will find it happening everywhere. But what are they? How to keep yourself safe from it? Let us talk about it in details.

The donation- you know that the country is in trouble and asking the people to donate as much as they can. They have also made PM Funds care. But there are many people who have misusing the same and asking others to pay on the name of PM CARE FUND. You must not pay anywhere else apart from the original UPI id or number given on your TV screens.

Guidelines given by WHO- You will also get many emails stating some guidelines given by WHO. You will be asked to download the file attached in it. However, the truth is, WHO does not email everyone personally. So if you are getting it, it is only a phishing threat to hack your data. Do not fall into it.

Vaccine is here- The biggest trap you are most likely to fall in is the news that the vaccine is here and you need to pay for getting it or booking for it online. Well, we all know that it is a condition where the whole world is suffering and hence if the vaccine will come, you will get to know in the news channels, social media, newspaper and almost everywhere around.

So if you are being asked to pay online for the same, just delete the email and never trust it.

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