Coronavirus killed 54 days in Iran

The new flu is making people sick. It is dangerous and the government are doing their best to stop spreading this flu. For the same, govt is restricting travelling from other countries.

Recently, Iran has stated that Coronavirus has killed more than 54 people and it has raised the death toll to 291.

The health ministry Kianoush Jahanpour has made this announcement on the TV. They have shown the 18% increase in deaths just from the day before and it has 12% of more confirmed cases as well.

Talking about the affected country, Iran is the one from the middle east where people are getting affected from COVID-19 but it didn’t kill much people.

Also, the Lebanese health ministry officals also given the statement about that one man has died from Coronavirus and it is the first official death from their country due to Coronavirus.

However, the age of the dead person was 56 years old and he had recently returned from Egypt.

Even the Mediterranean country has 41 confirmed cases of new coronavirus however, mostly, all of them are linked to Iran. Talking about across the region, there are more than 8,600 confirmed cases of this virus. All over the world, 110,000 people are affected from the same and out of them, 3,800 died. However, the number of recovered people is also 62,000.

Mostly, people with coronavirus has symptoms such as fever and cough. But if they are adults with already health conditions, then there situation is even worse.

Though most of the people have recovered successfully from the virus. The recovery time it takes is around 2 weeks however, in serious cases, it can take around 6 weeks as well.

Due to the whole scenario, people are getting affected on their lives and business.