Coronavirus health insurance policy? Check here-

Coronavirus is a deadly disease which is spread widely these days. It is widely known as COVID-19. If the reports are said to be true by the WHO, World health organisation, then more than 1,792 cases are reported outside China on Tuesday, 4/3/20 alone. Out of these, 28 cases are found in India.


This is not a thing to be taken casually at all. And because of that, the insurance companies have started offering the products covering the insurance for Coronavirus seperately. According to them, it is important and all the policyholders will get the full sum insured if they are tested positive for COVID-19.

Talking about it in detailed, the policy starts at INR 299 for the total sum insured of INR 25,000. however, if a person wants, he/she can also increase the sum amount to get insured up to INR 2,00,000 and on this, the premium will be calculated.

To make it easier to understand, if the total sum of INR 50,000 is insured, then you will have to pay the premium in it of INR 599.

On this whole, The head of marketing and direct sales, Vivek Chaturvedi said-“One restriction which comes with a regular health insurance policy is that it requires 24 hours hospitalization for you to be able to file a claim. Some policies do include out-patient (OPD) expenses but most products which include OPD expenses don’t have many takers because the premium is relatively higher. Within 24 hours of its launch, Chaturvedi said the company has sold over 200 policies.

People are liking this plicy and buying it rapidly to cover all their health expenses and it is indeed an important step which can be taken to prevent from the expenses you have to meet if tested positive from COVID-19.