Cash withdrawal via debit card rules-

The largest bank, the reserve bank of India has told the information on the cash withdrawals from the point of sale terminals. These are the frequently asked questions which the central bank explained. So let us read it all.

1- Cash can be withdrawn from the POS by the mode of UPI or any electronic card.

2- At the tier 1 and 2 centres, the limit of withdrawal is only INR 1,000 per day.

3- If you are a cardholder, you can withdraw the cash up to INR 2000 per day per card in tier 3 to 6 centres.

4- merchant is needed for providing a receipt that is printed and generated by the POS terminal.

5- if any cardholder has an issue, they can lodge the grievances with their issuer. And if the issuer is not responding to them within the time or they are not solving the query, then the card holder holds the right to complaint under Banking Ombudsman scheme.

6- This cash withdrawal facility will not be available at all the PoS terminals. It is only available in few terminals.