Breaking rules of railway may charge you these fines

Railway has set some rules for everyone, and we have to follow them. As people mostly ignore such rules, Railway has now warned that if rules are not followed, you may be charged with fines.

Travelling without a ticket is probably one of the most common offences. According to data released by Central Railway last week, ₹155 crore was collected in fines from April to December 2019 under a special drive against ticketless travel. Four ticket checkers collected record amounts of more than a crore each.

There are several other offences that can get you fined. Travelling with a half ticket, travelling in a compartment of a higher class than the ticket you purchased and having a child travel without a ticket will also draw a minimum penalty of ₹250, and additional charges depending on the offence. Travelling on a train while drunk, or drinking on the train is also a serious offence, which might result in one being removed from the train, fined ₹500, and even imprisoned for six months. Smoking on trains in prohibited, and will cost you a fine of ₹200 if you are caught doing it.

We have all seen that “To stop train, pull chain” message painted inside trains, and most of us have been somewhat tempted to pull the chain, just to see what happens. But pulling the chain without a proper reason, like a medical emergency or a fire breaking out, can land you in trouble. According to Section 141 of the Indian Railways Act, this can result in imprisonment for a term of up to one year, or incurring a fine of up to ₹1,000, or both.