Beware of Cloning while using ATM

If you use ATM, you know that you are not safe. If you are not able to know why, then please read this and know about cloning. Many ATMs are not safe because those have the cloning machine inside which can track all your activities related to the card you make for withdrawal of money and hack it. It is not safe and hence, one must protect themselves from the same.

Card skimming is a form of theft where criminals use a small device to steal card information. A cloning or skimming device is designed to look like the hardware on an existing ATM, or like a regular, in-store card reader and is very difficult to spot as they can be quite skilfully fitted to the payment machines or ATMs. Skimming devices record the information from the magnetic strip on the card, which can be programmed onto a new card and can be used for shopping or even directly steal money from bank accounts,” Said by the MD of Cash Business, Hitachi Payment services.

“Certain default features such as chip-and-pin technology already help safeguard accounts against fraud by requiring both a chip (present in your card) and a PIN to authorize transactions. The embedded microchip holds encrypted details, which makes it more difficult for criminals with skimmers to obtain the account holder’s information. The PIN helps verify in-person transactions so that it’s harder for thieves to use cloned cards for fraudulent purchases,” he added.